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16 Oct 2013 16:43

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Go San Diego Card: What exactly is it?
Think of Go Card being a volume discounter. They negotiate with local tourist attractions for discounts and then sell on them as card-based packages.
You'll be able to pick from two kinds of Go San Diego Card:
The fundamental version covers all of their offered attractions for a fixed price, valid for the maximum number of days that you choose. Buy more days and also the card costs more.
Go Select offers fewer attractions and is beneficial to 30 days after the initial use, however you can pick only ones you need to visit. The harder you decide on, the higher the discount. Additionally, they offer some pre-built packages for the most popular attractions.

<img src="http://www.smartdestinations.com/img/cards/card-pers-refl-Sdo.jpg">

How the Go San Diego Card Works
Deploying it is easy. Make Go Card to the included San Diego attraction, present it with the ticket window (before 5:30 p.m.) and you are in.
After it's used the first time, the card is useful for the amount of days you're looking at, but those should be consecutive days. In case you skip one because you're tired, you aren't getting a refund - or perhaps extension.
Apart from the rare multi-day pass, you can go to each attraction only one time.
Will the go san diego card Save You Money?
The short answer: Probably yes, however for a lot of people, it won't be around the ads claim.
The only method to be positive about this: Add it. Known only to you which attractions you want to visit and how much you may want to hurry through these phones pack my way through. A fast supply of every one of the prices you will need for that is with the Go Select page, where they show current prices.

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